Fence Repair & Paint

After time, many fences are in need of basic repairs, and sometimes they need major repairs to ensure its structural integrity.

Some fence repairs are minor but important. Things like rusted screws and loose bolts need addressed before they become major problems. Likewise, nails and screws may loosen and the boards give and detach over time.

Fence Restoration
If you have major fence repair needs, they may require that several damaged boards be removed from your fence and replaced. For other areas, portions of the wood may need to be removed and the space filled with special wood repair agents.

Minor and major fence repair projects can be burdensome and time-consuming for many homeowners. When you need experts at Fence repair, call on the craftsmen at GP Solutions. Our teams of professional handymen can repair Fence as well as build them.

Board Gaps
Sometimes wood fence boards shrink over time, causing small or large gap between the boards on your fence.

Whether you need a few minor repairs or major fence renovations to solve problems like wood rot, a GP is on the job. Call today to discuss your fence repair project.